4 Designers Hijab that Go International

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 SPEAKING development hijab fashion world in Indonesia, of course, is inseparable from a designer who always gives a latest works in the world hijab Indonesia. Even designer hijab from Indonesia's success arguably take the name of Indonesia to the international world stage.

Call it a pretty young designers namely Jenahara, Dian Pelangi, Restu Anggraini, Ria Miranda

1. Dian Pelangi

NOT complete it when talking about Kartini today without mentioning the name of this talented young designer nan. Yes, Dian Pelangi through his work as a figure of Indonesian Muslim fashion designer feels fit is seen as one example of a modern Kartini figure.

Dian is one of the top class Muslim fashion designers in Indonesia. Born in Palembang on January 14, 1991. He graduated from design school ternam, a ESMOD in 2008 with a satisfactory value. You could say he is one of the most influential figures in the fashion world trends Muslims in Indonesia, no doubt a lot of people who have attended almost every style created by Dian Pelangi.(cheap formal dresses australia)

Beautiful virgin is known as a multitalented designer, he brings a fresh breeze colorful stage Moslem Indonesia and foreign countries. His works are inspired by the "rainbow" which has so rich in color and through his work he has always tried to explore the culture of Indonesia, ranging from the beautiful to batik songket very luxurious and special.

In 2011, Dian name of Indonesia to invite him to Paris to attend the International Fair of the Muslim Word in Le Bourget, with Dian showed that the tracks as a young designer Indonesia is also noteworthy and inimitable and world fashion industry Muslim Indonesia is advanced and growing rapidly. Dian subscription menghelat fashion show abroad are able to demonstrate to the world that the Muslim fashion could be a global fashion icon that is not inferior to mainstream fashion in general.

In addition to being a designer, Dian is also expanding into a book author. In 2012, he launched his own book entitled "Hijab Street Style" which is the first book Dian, published on July 15, 2012. This book contains more than 600 photos of various Indonesian Muslim hijabers and also from foreign countries like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Bangkok, Thailand, and others.

2. Jenahara

Fruit does not fall far from the tree. It is a fitting expression pinned to the Muslim fashion designer, Jenahara. Yes, he is none other than the daughter of the country's senior designer, Ida Royani.

Involved in the design world to become Muslim fashion designers, Jenahara indeed is one of the designers whose work is loved by a lot hijabers Indonesia, he is also one of the founders of the "Community Hijabers Indonesia". By this it seems appropriate if Jenahara referred to as a figure of today's modern Kartini.

Inspire women, especially young women to struggle and success with his own hands and feet are the things that acted Jenahara, although born as the daughter of Ida Royani which also has a big name in the world fashion industry, does not make Jenahara use big names to boost her popularity.

Women born August 27, 1985 have opted for more of my study of his own fashion style of the surrounding environment. Asymmetrical style makes the design more fashionable and also unique but still wearable. Now Jenahara already has three fashion labels, including Jenahara for ready to wear, Jenahara Nasution for the limited edition clothing, and Jenahara by Ida Royani which is working with the label's mother.

Attainment, Jenahara was already the name of Indonesia in the international arena. With the emergence of some of his work at Hong Kong Fashion Week event some time ago.

3.Ria Miranda

The figure Kartini is a woman who inspires not only to fellow women to work better, but also people in general.

Kartini figure out who fight for the emancipation of women are now in the modern era has evolved into not only fight for the emancipation of women in everyday life, but also work and be useful to others.

The young designer is pretty, Ria Miranda, it seems inappropriate pinned as the title figure of modern Kartini. Women born in Padang, West Sumatra, July 15, 1985 This is an Indonesian Muslim fashion designer. Ria who has this Riamiranda brand among fashion designers seoran figures are considered to affect consumption trends of Muslim clothing hijab is growing rapidly among Muslim women in the country.

The work of exploiting Ria many stripes, pastels and girly touch of feminine and strong character much favored the hijabers. The game pastel colors are soft, sweet and feminine so one characteristic that is valued by our customers from female graduates of the University of Andalas and this ESMOD fashion school.

Ria is keen to introduce his work through social media and also form hijabers community already has dozens of outlets in several cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Padang, Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Makassar, Banda Aceh and Surabaya.

Ria who recently released the latest collection for Sophie Paris is also just released a book entitled "Passhion!". Themed book about her personal life as well as during the course of his career, Through this book Ria advised that never gave up in the second dream, do dream with a maximum ideals and optimal and are confident that success will come. Struggling in the fashion world as the goal of life and ideals that deserve to be preserved is the conviction of one of the founders of this Community Hijabers.

4. Restu Anggraini

FOR lovers and connoisseurs of fashion country, particularly the Muslim fashion designer names of young, Restu Anggraini certainly is not foreign anymore. Muslim dress( designer does have work and achievements have been widely known to foreign countries.

Representing young people, Restu is familiarly called Etu can be said as an example of a successful day Kartini. He began his career in the fashion industry in 2010, the figure ETU has spawned a number of outstanding work.

Who would have thought at first, Etu worked in an event management and handling the sale, but has a passion in the field of fashion makes Etu thought to plunge in the business of fashion, especially fashion for Muslim women. Capitalize less than 5 million rupiah, Etu, who was collaborating with his two friends designed the dress, outer, pants, and skirts with a number that is not much. Etu These markets its products through a bazaar-bazaar at the mall.

Carrying the theme of the concept of Islamic fashion classic style, the products of Etu was then immediately get a positive response. For him, there is a separate inner satisfaction when seeing her work clothes favored and charged the crowd. Plus the time that Muslim fashion designer-businessman has not been too much as it is now. Starting from this moment, Etu start thinking ripe for the taking basic science of design at the design school.

Etu eventually run the business itself because the two friends decided to no longer undergo Muslim fashion business. As a designer and businessman, Etu utilize all social media networks. He strengthens sales through websites and social media, especially Instagram.

Speaking of achievements, Etu managed to introduce his work to the wider international community. One of them in the event of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2015, March 17, 2015 last. He passed the selection of the many designer and his work. To introduce the work of Indonesian designers to the international market, Etu 1.5 months to prepare for 12 Muslim fashion collection which he labeled ETU show. Not unexpectedly there he got a positive response to collaborate with a local partner. The collection appeared in fashion magazines in Japan. Even Etu also do a special photo shoot for a fashion page spread for the Japanese magazine.

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