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Eyes. The outline is marked close eye to print a touch of black; eye, but do not see the line. Apply brown shadow on the eyelid and disappears in depth. In the lower lid without using brown shadow outline. Comb eyebrows, eyelashes and apply BOWS mask.

Ultra Color Quartet Eyeshadows of Avon has a technology that gives more coverage and long-term ($ 300)

Mouth. Delineates and filled with the same shade of lipstick. Acordate that lip liner should never be darker than the lipstick. It serves to shape, but need not be noticed. Above, complete with a deep burgundy lipstick matte finish.(cheap formal dresses australia)

Fantasy of Mavala Collection: Complete the look with nails. Use embroidered (one among its 6 colors) with improved formula that offers more durability ($ 108)


Mouth. Delineates and filled with pencil the same shade as the lipstick, matte brown.

Eyes. Eyeliner marks a well close to the eye so that it is imperceptible, only to frame line. Fill in the eyelid with matte brown shade and vanishes with a beige, also matte. Apply concealer and highlighter in the lower eyelid, draw a brown line and disappears. Place mascara and comb the eyebrows up.

Effacernes Lancôme: long-term correction for the eye area with SPF 30 ($ 830). Make Up Revlon ColorStay: foundation for combination / oily or normal / dry skin with SPF ($ 287.50).

Clash Metal Couture Collector Palette Yves Saint Laurent: embroidered contrasting shadows, lilac, plum and chocolate ($ 1,300)


Chiaroscuro. This proposal has a mouth like a protagonist, but sends an impeccable, and based hydrated skin. While not the focus of attention, have a subtle chiaroscuro with shadow to highlight the features. To accentuate even more enlightens above the cheekbone with a pink gloss and also marked with a nude blush.(short formal dress)

Mouth. Moisturize and apply a dull red lipstick. Of strong colors, the red is definitely the most flattering. Rouge Prodige Clarins Teinte: lipstick in intense colors with matte finish ($ 679)


Eyes. -more Cubritivo applies a shadow on the eyelid and disappears with a salmon-tone, without reaching the upper edge of the eyelid pure orange pigment. Delineates lying close to eye with a black shadow and stretches the line a little beyond the end of the eye. Add liquid eyeliner above. In the lower eyelid, I repeated the same tones as well. BOWS eyelashes and abundant black mask placed.

Mouth. Without delineating salmon matte lipstick applied for an effect of stained mouth. In this case, add flush, also in a shade of orange.

Phyto Levres Perfect No. 8 Coral Sisley: lipstick Ultra smooth hard lead with kokum butter, which nourishes and hydrates ($ 920).

Diorskin Forever: foundation and matte finish formula that refines skin texture ($ 1,055)


Eyes. An intense outlined is achieved with the eye stuck on the lower and upper eyelid that come together a little, outside the boundary of the eye to obtain a liquid product catlike eyes. The stroke width of the upper eyelid is done with a pencil effect called false eyebrow, which looks like a marker. Apply mascara and combing his eyebrows.

Mouth. Delineates and filled with the same shade of fuchsia lipstick.

L 'Oreal Paris Infallible Primer: before makeup, skin smoothing it prepares to extend the life of make-up ($ 211).

Vinyl Liner, Tip Eyeliner Brush High Shine, Black Vinyl No. 1 Givenchy: Intense smooth lacquer with soft glow to delineate the look ($ 670)


Eyes. After applying the foundation and powder with a liquid eyeliner hits a metallic blue stuck to the eyelashes of the upper eyelid line, and followed from the tear to the contour line of the eyelid to get together at the outer edge with the line

inferior. Fills and ends with mascara.

Mouth. Put just a gloss that does not compete with the look

Cils d'Ender So Guerlain Volume: instant volume mask with deep black ($ 640). NY Maybelline Pure Make Up Powder Plus compact: salicylic acid, which also fights and prevents granites ($ 123.79)

Tips & Tricks

Shades of blue, orange, brown, pink, red and burgundy. Whatever color you prefer or you better stay under the skin tone of your face, the mouth has to be killed. Basics: prepare the skin is a guarantee that the makeup remains correct. And to make it look healthy, you have to clean and moisturize daily. Notes the steps to follow and learn to be well painted.

Basic. The skin is prepared with good wetting. Please note that in winter can be drier. And prebase serves to seal the pores. Do not forget to moisturize especially around the eyes and mouth. Then, to apply the makeup base the same color as the skin. The concealer is better if it is a shade less than the base. If liquid texture, at night you can retouch and add more base; during the day, more quantity is very noticeable and is not good. To last all day, it is advisable to retouch each both compact powder.

Protagónicos. Shades of gold, brown and nude are the protagonists of this season; It is good because they combine well with almost all colors. But if it is a monochromatic makeup, eye that can make you look older; if you spent some time 20, adapts the trend; not discard it but it is preferable to another color for the mouth and add the peach tone for the cheekbones. At night, a black eye liner and redder mouth allow a more intense look. If the lower lash line drop something down, it is advisable to avoid vanished in the lower eyelid because it is an expression of "sad puppy".

A face washed. If you're one of many who love the no make up, ok, well red mouth looks great. For flawless skin and illuminated, it goes well a foundation, a concealer, an illuminator, if you will, and powders of high definition, all in the skin tone; it seems that one is not made up but it is super natural. More and more women who dare to loud tones in the mouth and nails, a must this winter. You can align this trend day or, in particular, for an event. For a party, add a golden mole and shadows that give depth to the eye, and emphasizes the look with mascara. From day to night, at any time, add luster to the mouth. If you're used to going out makeup, brand just the eye with a soft outlined short and mascara.

Teenager. If you are between 18 and 25 years old and want an original makeup for a party or dance, it's time to cheer the oranges. With brown eyes, orange shade is fine, and if you have clear eyes, they will give an effect of clarity. You can make softer queluzca with gold and coral, colors, generally well flattering. Serve with a brown instead of black outlined, without the tail marked. On the lips a nude shade with a slight peach is another safe bet that can stay in the same range and gives the opportunity to highlight the eyes.

Cat eyes. A fuchsia mouth, good youth, and cat eyeliner emphasize the eyebrows, eyes and lips. Especially for teenagers, is a radiant and luminous, with a touch of soft, natural blush skin. If you're not a teen, you can encourage this look with a more natural eyes outlined, less exaggerated, to eliminate the extremes beyond its limits; in that case, you can only highlight the lips.

Elegant and sophisticated. The make up is embroidered a suitable proposal for a cocktail party or to use at any age. If you're young, you consider that will make you look older. Attention, purples and reds in the mouth bring out the yellow or crooked teeth. With respect to the intensity of tone, if not're so small, I preferred a livelier tone for the lips. It can be a blood red, one embroidered with red dyes or coral. If you're used to, take it all day; if not, only at night.

Young and daring. If you're, I chose blue as the protagonist in the eyelids, drawn with eyeliner. It is trend although it is not a task for anyone. Just look good professional hands or those that are not, but who are trained in their application. If this is not the case, proba do with dark shadows. The effect is similar and less hard. It is suitable for all but the blue looks best on light skin. Remember that it is important to balance the makeup. Then, lean soft tones for lips, eyes always are heavily loaded and defined. It's definitely not a proposal for large women.

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